Trading Technology for Taste

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September 5, 2012 by aliputnam

I think I’ve finally woken up completely from this weekend now that it’s Tuesday night at 9 pm. We spent it in Crawford with the man’s family. It’s one of my absolute favorite places to visit, and one of the few where the cell phone only gets checked once a day rather than 3947230390 times. Crawford, Texas is about an hour and a half north of Austin, just outside of Waco. Most of the time is spent at home, eating delicious meals and drinking wine, but we ventured out this time. To Homestead Heritage! While everyone else was out buying mattresses and other completely necessary Labor Day purchases, we spent it at a religious community that spends their days doing woodwork, weaving and making some damn good food. It’s a pretty bizarre place- one that focuses on community and interaction without modern conveniences (although I did see a few IPhone’s and that website is pretty nice!).

I’m a big fan of meeting unique people, especially when they have formed an entire community, so I was all about it. And the food was absolutely amazing!!


Sweet potato jalapeno soup. 103 degrees outside but definitely worth it.


I ordered the most boring thing on the menu, the Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich, and it ended up being the best meal I’ve had in a while. The bun was homemade and it was topped with goat cheese and roasted red peppers. Everything was so fresh and delicious, especially the key lime pie. But that went fast…

This was an awesome way to spend the day. If my food tasted that good I think I’d give up TV too. Actually, no…I’ll just go back to Homestead. 😛


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