Come uncorked


August 29, 2012 by aliputnam

We spent Saturday afternoon at Uncorked, a really great wine bar right off of IH-35 at 7th Street. I was a little worried we would be the only people in the place at 4 pm, but this is Austin! People seem to drink at all hours of the day. 🙂

We tried some great new wines and tasted some of the food they have there. My new favorite wine is Vinho Verde, a light Portuguese wine that has a little bit of fizz. Being a red drinker gets tough during the Texas summers, so I was excited to find this.

The food at Uncorked is really tasty, if not a bit overpriced. I think we literally tried one of each dish, including dessert. (Brownies and wine are a much better than it sounds!) A friend got the pork tenderloin dish which was probably my favorite entree. The duck breast was really well done too. Keep in mind that we had tried at least 2 flights of wines at this point, so everything tasted GREAT! The flights are another fun thing to try at Uncorked. They give you three 2 oz. servings of different wines to try.

We will definitely be back to this quaint wine bar. It’s one of the great new places popping up on Austin’s east side. It feels welcoming and not at all stuffy for a wine bar, and they have live music on the patio. Hopefully they’ll hire more people before it’s too late, though. The service was great until about 7 pm (yes, we were there all day) when things picked up. Our waiter was very overwhelmed and it took about 45 minutes to get the check once we were done.

So try this place on a weeknight or early evening during the weekend and you’ll be set!


One thought on “Come uncorked

  1. I’m looking forward to trying this place – will be great on a beautiful fall day – which I hope is coming soon:)

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