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August 16, 2012 by aliputnam

Nothing better than a last minute date night at Uchiko, one of the top restaurants in Austin. That being said, it’s difficult to get a reservation here on any weekend night at a decent hour. Tuesday night was perfect. 

This is the younger, slightly cooler, cousin to must-visit Austin spot Uchi. Set in a new strip mall off of North Lamar, the outside is slightly deceiving. Once you step inside, you know you’ve made a good choice.

We started with grilled edamame and I had the “Drunken Heart” sake. I could have very well have had this for my entire meal but meat is required when eating with the man. I’m likely to start drinking everything out of a little wooden box- makes it taste better.

Next was the hama chili, yellowtail sashimi with thai chilies and orange segments. Perfect sweet/spicy combo and the fish was some of the freshest I’ve had. We followed that up with a hot rock which is exactly what it sounds like, kobe beef served raw that you cook yourself on a steaming hot rock. The cloves and cinnamon under the rock put off this amazing smell. That alone is reason enough to order one- like a nicer, Japanese version of fajitas. 🙂

We also had the Crunchy Tuna roll and the p-38 roll, both a perfect mix of crunchy veggies, the freshest fish and sticky rice. Those went down almost as quickly as the desserts we ordered, as did the brussel sprouts. Look, I love brussels but I had no idea they could be this good. Sweet, spicy and perfectly cooked- they toss them in fish caramel for god’s sakes. I don’t even know what that is but I’m making it!

Those that know me know that I rarely eat a dessert, especially right after a meal. I usually enjoy the main dish so much that I’m too stuffed for sweets, but dessert at Uchiko is worth it. It’s an experience on a plate! A perfect, unique combination of flavors that you’ve likely never had but taste comforting and delicious. We had the Tobacco Cream (yes!) and Sweet Corn Sorbet.

No, this photo wasn’t posted accidentally. This describes my exact state after the meal- unable to fit one more bite and dizzy with food happiness. The Tobacco Cream included these small cylinders of tobacco cream dipped in SCOTCH! alongside chocolate sorbet and huckleberry. Sweet Corn Sorbet was delicious in a completely different way, with polenta cake and lemon served with it. They were the perfect way to end a meal and were served beautifully too. Sorry I couldn’t wait to take a photo..

There wasn’t one thing I would have changed about this meal. The food was spot on, the waiter was great and served the courses we chose over a perfect amount of time, and the atmosphere is beautiful- you can feel the buzz inside this place. Save some money and go to Uchiko- today! If you can get in of course.


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